Catalogue Working Draft

How far does Howard Shore use his scores to express emotions portrayed in film and influence the emotions of the audience? Could this class him as an auteur?


1. The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

I have chosen this film as it’s probably Shore’s most famous soundtrack. The film is a book adaptation and a franchise film set in a vast world and features may different characters and cultures. Shore provides musical ideas and tunes for each of these settings, characters and cultures and these ‘themes’ change depending on the emotion. It’s the perfect soundtrack to analyse and show Shore’s control over the audience’s emotions through the film.

2. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

This film has been chosen as the film is strikingly different to ‘Fellowship Of The Ring’ in terms of genre and Narrative, replacing a medieval fantasy with a psychological thriller. As such the composer has a very different set of features to work with.



4. LOTR: The Appendices

This documentary was chosen as features Shore’s own comments and thoughts regarding creating the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack.The director of said films, Peter Jackson also gives his own thoughts on the music and on Howard Shore’s on creating these films.




I’ve chosen this site as it also features Shore’s own comments with notes from an interview with the composer, this post can be used as a counter argument as it describes the music in ‘The Silence Of The Lambs’ as an underlying feature of the film adding to the mood and atmosphere- As supposed to the music dictating the mood and atmosphere.



7. (FILM) Philadelphia (1993)

This item has been rejected as Shore’s music was very much secondary and most of the non-diegetic sound and soundtrack is made up from various different artists and songs not written specifically for the film.



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